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Emerging Professionals in Camp is a group for up and coming professionals. EPIC holds educational, social, and philanthropic events over the course of the year to allow rising camp professionals to meet and learn from each other.


EPIC Winter Workshop

2017 EPIC Winter Workshop: Mindfulness with Camp in Mind

When a topic is hot, it’s a hot topic! Mindfulness, the practice of living intentionally and fully in the moment, is something we can all infuse into our camp's program. Join us at the EPIC Winter Workshop for a full day of learning and collaborating with your industry's peers. Each person that attends this workshop will walk away with a new program, conversation style, and activity you can do with your camp community. We will be looking at Mindfulness not only as a practice, but from a logistical programming perspective on how you can bring it to your camp's already busy schedule. And finally, you may just walk away feeling more empowered to be your best self when at camp, and teach those practices to others.

Cost of the Conference:
Members of ACA: $55
Non-Members of ACA: $75

Discounts available for first time attendee non-member camps, for more information please reach out to the ACA, NY & NJ office. *Prices subject to change annually at the discretion of ACA, NY & NJ. 

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2017 Agenda

2017 Speaker Bios

EPIC Eats Roundtable Discussions

EPIC hosts roundtable events throughout the year to encourage emerging camp professionals to talk through some of the hottest topics of the current year. Join us for an EPIC Eats: Bagels and Brainstorm or EPIC Happy Hour event near you by emailing Jenna for more information.

Past topics have included staffing (international staff, managing millenials, seasonal staff transitions to full-time), mindfulness in the camp industry, camper recruitment and marketing, dealing with difficult parents and campers, and more!