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Interested in becoming a member of the American Camp Association, NY and NJ?  There are many benefits to becoming a member.  Here are just 10 of the reasons to join:

  1. Professional Development: Our association puts together numerous conferences throughout the year focusing on a variety of topics of interest to the camp community.  Members receive discounts on all of our camp conferences, including the Tri-State Camp Conference, the largest camp conference in the world.
  2. Networking Opportunities: We provide opportunities for networking throughout the year for camp professionals to connect and share resources.
  3. Job Placement: Members can post camp jobs and browse applicants on our website, giving camps another outlet to find the best staff.
  4. Camper Placement: Our camper placement service recommends potential programs to parents looking for a summer camp.  As a member, you can sign up to be part of this service.
  5. Public Relations: ACA, NY and NJ has a dedicated communications director who promotes the positive value of camp to the media.
  6. Trainings & Consulting: As a member, you receive discounts when you utilize our training and consulting services, including CPR training for your staff. 
  7. Advocacy: The ACA, NY and NJ helps to support advocacy to ensure that issues related to camp are being thoughtfully considered.
  8. Research: Our association works on research relevant to our members and the changing trends in the camping community.
  9. Camp Fairs: We provide support to dozens of camp fairs in NY and NJ to promote ACA member camps to parents. 
  10. Accreditation: ACA accreditation is the best evidence parents have of a camps commitment to a safe and nurturing environment for their children.