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The Conference Every Camp Director Should Attend

The ACA, NY & NJ Resident Camp Conference is an unbelievable opportunity to share ideas with other camp directors and owners and to see some of the best camp facilities throughout the Northeast. Camping is one of the few industries where its members are willing to open up access to “trade secrets” in the spirit of elevating our community of camps as a whole.

This 2-3 day tour of camps offers the most “bang for your buck” in learning about programming, facility design and best camping practices than any other conference or seminar throughout the year.

You have the opportunity to exchange ideas and ask questions in a relaxed environment after the camp season is over. Whether you were actively thinking of upgrading your facility or revamping some of your programs, it’s virtually impossible to leave this conference without some exciting ideas to bring back to your camps. There is also plenty of “schmooze” time with other camp professionals at the lunches, dinners and cocktail hours provided by ACA.

I have owned camps for 26 years and I still look forward to this event as a highlight of the year. This is truly a CAN’T MISS EVENT. Hope to see you at the Resident Camp Conference in September!

Mark Transport is an Owner/Director of Crestwood Day Camp in Melville, NY and an Owner/Director at Camp Taconic in the Berkshires. 

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