VOCE (Veterans of the Camping Experience) Program

VOCE stands for Veterans of the Camp Experience and serves those camp professionals who have been in management roles at camp for at least five consecutive years with ultimate operational authority. We invite anyone who fits this criterion to join us for two special Tri-State CAMP Conference sessions designed by and for the VOCE community. 

At the conference, they will sit down together once each day—for interactive discussions about camp and their roles.

The VOCE program costs $125 per person and includes two sessions with meals included. 

One day option available for $75 per person.

Register through our Members Portal.

VOCE to VOCE Sessions 2018


Time: 12:45 PM–2:00 PM (WITH LUNCH)
Location: Room 412

Training on your Sexual Harassment Policies in the Wake of #MeToo

In an era of increased scrutiny surrounding all types of workplace interactions, how can camps effectively educate their staff about sexual harassment while still promoting a sense of camp community? This session offers a roadmap to help you train your staff on your sexual harassment policies in a way that empowers staff to cultivate healthy relationships with each other, and create a culture of accountability when it comes to the issues surrounding sexual harassment.

Speaker: Rachel Bayar, T & M Protection Resources, LLC


Time:12:30 PM–1:45 PM (WITH LUNCH)
Location: Room 412

Marketing with Emotion

The summer camp business is a mature one, and consumers decide between offerings that are often comparable. YES, every camp is different but over the past century consumers have come to expect many of the same features from a summer camp - and as a result most camps offer those same features. In a mature industry where prospective customers are drowning in choice, how does one camp stand out from the others? In this session you will learn about the latest trends in marketing and messaging that have turned traditional marketing - and the businesses that have relied on it - on its ear. For most of the 20th century it was assumed that consumers made decisions by thinking, then doing, then feeling. The conventional wisdom held that consumers looked at features and benefits in a rational way, then made their purchase decision, then emotionally justified the decision after the fact. THIS IS COMPLETELY WRONG. We know now - after hundreds of studies using cutting-edge cognitive assessment technology - that in fact consumers make decisions based on emotion, then rationalize their decision after the fact. This FEEL-DO-THINK paradigm has upended traditional marketing practice and demands new ideas and techniques to influence today’s consumers. Do consumers look at features and benefits when making a decision? OF COURSE - but ultimately the purchase decision is driven by how a brand makes a consumer FEEL, and the “data” about features and benefits offered by most brands to consumers does very little to elicit those feelings. There is a magic bullet to reaching consumers emotionally, and in this session the co-founders of TELL-IGNITE will share the secrets to affecting audiences emotionally and making sure they remember your camp and feel what makes it unique.

Speaker: Jeff Pucillo and Barry Martin, TELL-IGNITE

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